The Vic Covid-19 Response

In line with New Zealand Government’s information and regulations regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have strengthened our operations at The Vic to ensure you have a safe cinema experience. These are:

  • Physical distancing

Under alert level 2 regulations, physical distancing requirements are met by ensuring staggered session times and spaced seating. 50% of our seats will be blocked off and a minimum of 1 metre distance between seated cinema patrons is ensured. 2 metres markings indicate the queue blocks in the foyer. A limit of 50 people per closed space applies.

  • Enhanced cleaning

In addition to our scheduled cleaning, we are regularly cleaning and sanitising all surfaces in our cinemas, including seats, tables, surfaces, handrails, door handles and service counters.

  • Free hand sanitiser

Free hand sanitiser is available to all patrons. Sanitising stations are located in the foyer and gelato bar at the service counters.

  • Customer register

To ensure any potential community outbreak can be tracked and retraced easily, patrons are asked to register through the Covid tracker app via a QR code or manual sign-in.

  • Staff hygiene

Staff are trained in cleaning and hygiene protocols, regularly washing hands and wearing gloves when serving food and beverages. Under alert level 2 regulations, all staff are wearing face coverings at all times.

  • Public hygiene

Under alert level 2 regulations, we ask all patrons to wear face-covering at all times. Masks are available for sale at the service counter. 

We ask our patrons to practice good hygiene and wash hands frequently, dispose of their rubbish at the end of sessions and use contactless payments where possible. Please stay away from the cinema if feeling unwell to ensure public safety.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at